Using the Learning Center as Your e-Textbook with Preservice Teachers

Flavio Mendez
Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez is the NSTA Learning Center Senior Director at the National Science Teachers Association. Mr. Mendez has over fifteen years of experience in formal and informal outreach and education activities, as Education Coordinator for the Hubble Space Telescope education program, and as Director of two exhibits and professional development programs for K-12 educators at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

At NSTA Mr. Mendez is responsible for the management of the Learning Center's state and district partnerships and the help desk. He oversees the implementation of the Center's resources, i.e., SciPacks, SciGuides, Web Seminars, Podcasts, Short Courses, etc. and the development of the PD tools like My PD Plan & Portfolio, My Library, My Calendar, My PD Record, etc. Mr. Mendez also teaches courses in astronomy to pre- and in-service teachers at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is one of NASA's JPL Solar System Educators.

Meredith Houle Vaughn, Ph.D.
Meredith E. Houle Vaughn Meredith Houle Vaughn is an Associate Professor of Science Education in the School of Teacher Education and Associate Director of the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education at San Diego State University. She teaches elementary and secondary science methods, as well as courses in SDSU's MA and PhD programs in mathematics and Science educations. Her research focuses on how curriculum materials and professional development experiences might be designed to support urban teachers in designing science investigations for culturally and linguistically diverse students. She is also interested in how citizen science and urban ecology can be leveraged to engage youth in meaningful science learning.

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