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LuAnn Dahlman
LuAnn Dahlman LuAnn Dahlman is an Educational Specialist in NOAA’s Climate Program Office. Working with software developers, data providers, and educators, she develops computer-based learning activities that enable students to access and interpret graphic and visual data about Earth’s climate system. She also develops hands-on lessons, most recently focusing on model-building activities that can help students develop a concrete understanding of how NOAA monitors climate. Formerly, Ms. Dahlman taught high school science in Mesa, Arizona. She also served as a curriculum developer and provider of professional development for TERC, focusing on digital image analysis and other geospatial technologies.

Bart Merrick
Bart Merrick Bart Merrick works in NOAA's Chesapeake Bay Office and is the Education Coordinator at the Environmental Science Training Center (ESTC). The training center is a regional resource that provides training and in-depth experiences for environmental education professionals to advance their abilities to effectively convey accurate and timely science to teachers and students. Trainings focus on integrating science into field and classroom curriculums, drawing on the expertise and capabilities of NOAA and their partners. Bart has been an environmental educator for over 15 years, working with a broad range of student and adult audiences in support of environmental literacy.

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