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SPICE Core: Investigating Past Climate at the South Pole

Dr. T. J. Fudge
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington, Earth & Space Sciences
T. J. Fudge T.J. was born in Southern California but gravitated to snowy climates while attending Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine where he earned a BA in Geology and Environmental Science. He then completed a MSc in Glaciology at the University of Wyoming studying how water at the bed of an Alaskan glacier affects its movement. He earned an MBA at the University of Minnesota before returning to glaciology at University of Washington where he recently completed his PhD.

T. J. specializes in dating ice cores by measuring annual layers in the electrical conductivity of the ice. He uses the age and temperature profiles of the ice sheet along with ice-flow models to reconstruct past accumulation (precipitation) on the ice sheet. He has done field work in Antarctica, Alaska, and the Olympic mountains of Washington, and is looking forward to deploying to the South Pole soon after this webinar, to participate in the new SPICE Core ice core research project. He and his wife Jessie (pictured), chronicled their shared Antarctic experience at antarcticfudgesicles.wordpress.com , where they answered many questions from high school students in Minnesota.

Linda M. Morris
Education & Outreach Program Manager, US Ice Drilling Program Office, Dartmouth College
Linda Morris Linda Morris is committed to turning kids on to science….a goal she has pursued through a variety of “extreme” career roles, from donning a flight suit to investigating the poles! In her current position as Education & Outreach Program Manager for the NSF-funded Ice Drilling Program Office, she is responsible for the outreach needs of the scientists, drillers and projects currently conducting paleo-climate research through ice cores. Formerly the Center Director and Director of Education for the Buehler Challenger & Science Center (Paramus, NJ), Linda has designed and delivered professional development seminars for the Merck Institute for Science Education, NSTA, AGU and the NASA Explorer School Program, and acted as an evaluator for UPenn’s Center for Policy Research in Education team. In her earlier career, she spent ten years as a science specialist at the middle school level and consulted on the design of multiple distance learning programs for Geoff Haines-Stiles and the Passport to Knowledge series. In 2013, Linda was a Distinguished Visitor at the WAIS Divide field camp, where she witnessed the replicate coring achievement in person and gathered materials for use in education.

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