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Sally Harms Sally Harms
Sally Harms is a professor of Natural Sciences at Wayne State College, Wayne, NE. She earned an Ed.D. in Science Education from the University of Nebraska, a M.S. Degree in Biology and a B.S. in Biological Sciences, Secondary Education (Millersville University). She has 20 years teaching experience in the high school classroom teaching a wide array of science courses and over 15 years at the collegiate level. Her primary role is teaching science content to elementary education majors and teaching secondary & middle level science methods classes plus the supervision of those students as they student teach. In addition, she teaches Scientific Communications (for majors) and a physical science course for non-majors. Sally has been active with NSTA as a board and council member and has utilized the Learning Center in her methods and elementary science courses for the past 3 years.

Richard Jones Richard Jones
Rick is an Associate Professor of Science Education and Science at UHWO. He holds B.S. degrees in Geology and Secondary Science Education and a MS in Natural Science from the University of Wyoming and an Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction – Science Education from Montana State University. One of the first two National Board Certified Science teachers in Montana, Dr. Jones has over twenty-five years of teaching sciences in public schools in Wyoming, Hawai’i and Montana where he has taught most science content areas. The 2014 University of Hawaii Regents Teaching Excellent Awardee is currently in his seventh year at UHWO, he teaches Elementary Science Methods using the NSTA Learning Center as his eText and eResource, supervises methods practicum students, and also teaches a variety of science content courses including Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography. His involvement over the past four years with the NSTA Learning Center has given him the opportunity to share and collaborate with other faculty from around the U.S. who are interested in delivering rigorous and meaningful science content and pedagogical content knowledge to the next generation of science educators.

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez
Flavio Mendez is the Assistant Executive Director for the NSTA Learning Center. He holds a BS degree in Space Sciences from Florida Institute of Technology and a MA in Instructional Systems from University of Maryland Baltimore County. Mendez has over twenty years of experience in formal and informal outreach and education activities, as Education Coordinator for the Hubble Space Telescope education program, and as Director at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, Maryland. At the National Science Teachers Association he supports professional learning experiences for individuals, school/district cohorts, and collaborates with science education professors at institutions of higher education to serve and train the new generation of teachers of science. Mendez is a member of the National Science Teachers Association and the Association for Science Teacher Education.

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