National Science Teachers Association How to Prepare a Manuscript for Submission to Science Scope

Patty McGinnis Patty McGinnis
Patty McGinnis has been the field editor of Science Scope since June 2016. She is a veteran middle school science teacher who works in a suburb of Philadelphia. One of Patty's goals for Science Scope is to encourage teachers to submit manuscripts that highlight activities occurring in their classroom. Patty will walk you through the process and be available to field questions related to potential manuscripts.

Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts oversees NSTA's periodicals department and serves as managing editor of Science Scope. He has 30 years of experience working with NSTA’s journals. As managing editor of Science Scope, he oversees the editing, design, and production of the articles. He will be on hand during the web seminar to answer questions about Manuscript Central, our online manuscript submission and review system, and to explain the path your manuscript will take from submission to publication.

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