National Science Teachers Association Leaders for Science Education: Preparing an Application for the NSTA Board and Council

Becky Wolfe Becky Wolfe
Becky Wolfe, Director of School Programs and Educational Resources has over 16 years in education, including 10 years focused on informal science education for school, teacher and family audiences. She directs the museum’s School Programs team, which develops field trip programs, classroom curriculum and teacher professional development opportunities. In addition, Ms. Wolfe is responsible for the museum’s in-depth science lab, and has represented program or education teams on exhibit teams. In recent years, she serves as project manager several STEM education grants for the museum and serves as the museum’s liaison on several state and national STEM Education organizations, including a leadership position with the National Science Teachers. At the museum, Ms. Wolfe has also served as the museum’s Science Programmer and Manager of Science Education, focusing solely on science programs for schools, teachers and public audiences. Prior to joining the museum in 2007, Ms. Wolfe taught 5th grade math and science at St. Michael Catholic School in Louisville, KY. Ms. Wolfe received a BA degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa and an M.Ed, specializing in science education from the University of Louisville. In 2018, she was a fellow in the NextGen Program at the Getty Leadership Institute.

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