National Science Teachers Association
Conceptual Flow: Bridging the Gap between Standards, Instructional Materials and Student Learning

Kathy DiRanna
Kathy DiRanna Kathy DiRanna is the Statewide Director for the K-12 Alliance. She has been a featured speaker at state and national conferences (including NSTA, NSDC) and received the California Science Teachers’ Association’s highest honor, the Margaret Nicoloson Award for distinguished service to science education, the WestEd Paul Hood Award for Distinguised Service, and Learning Forward’s (formally NSDC) Susan Loucks-Horsley Award for building collaborations and professional learning communities. She is co-author of Assessment-Centered Teaching: A Reflective Practice (Corwin, 2008), The Data Coach’s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students: Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry (Corwin, 2008), and “The TLC is a PLC” in Professional Learning Communities for Science Teaching: Lessons from Research and Practice (NSTA, 2009).

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