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Climate Change Here and Now: Forest Ecosystem Impacts

Dr. Steve McNulty
Dr. Steve McNulty Since 1996, Dr. Steve McNulty has been an ecologist and team leader within the USDA Forest Service Southern Global Change Program, on the North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh North Carolina. In addition to his science role, Dr. McNulty has served at the Forest Service Acting Director of Environmental Science Research, and as a US Congressional Fellow. He has a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire. Dr. McNulty has authored or co-authored over 150 papers in the area of environmental stress impacts on forest ecosystems, including being the federal chairman for the National Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on US Forests.

Vicki Arthur
Vicki Arthur Vicki Arthur, U.S. Forest Service, D.C. Headquarters, Conservation Education Office Vicki Arthur is a Conservation Education Specialist with a background in biology and environmental education.

Vicki holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education from Southern Oregon University and a BS in Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Vicki joined the Forest Service Conservation Education staff 2 years ago, from a position as a wildlife biologist in Oregon. While working as a biologist, Vicki developed a passion for translating science to education, which she continues to enjoy in her new role.

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