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Audrey Harmon Audrey Harmon
Audrey Harmon is the State Contact for Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom (AITC). Prior to this, she taught kindergarten for 13 ½ years. Audrey was the Oklahoma AITC Teacher of the Year in 2009 and won the National Excellence in Teaching Agriculture Award in 2010. She presents professional development workshops for teachers across Oklahoma, presents at state and national AITC conferences, and has developed resources and written lessons for Ag in the Classroom. Audrey has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University.

Tammy Maxey Tammy Maxey
Tammy Maxey is program manager for Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom. She serves as an officer with National Agriculture in the Classroom and serves on the board for the American Farm Bureau Foundation Board. Tammy served as principal and K-8 teacher in Amelia, Virginia prior to joining AITC. She has expanded the Virginia AITC program emphasizing professional development, education outreach and curriculum development including authoring two children’s books. She holds a Post-Master’s Certificate from Virginia Commonwealth University and a B.S. in Special Education. She holds a M.S. from Virginia Tech in Vocational Technical Education.

Debra Spielmaker Debra Spielmaker
Debra Spielmaker is a Professor at Utah State University in the School of Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education. Dr. Spielmaker is also the Team Leader of the National Center for Agricultural Literacy. For 18 years, Debra directed the Utah Agriculture in the Classroom program at Utah State University. She has conducted numerous teacher professional development trainings for hundreds of university education majors and practicing teachers statewide. She has created nearly 200 classroom-ready resources for K-12 teachers in the areas of science, social studies, nutrition, and career and technical education. She believes that agriculture is the ideal theme to contextualize academic content, meet educational standards, and that everyone should understand agriculture as it affects their quality of life and their environment.

Amber Bales Amber Bales
Amber Bales ties Oklahoma agriculture to her language arts, math, science and social studies instruction by putting a local twist on the story Stone Soup, involving her students in their school's Farm to School program and planting cabbage and pea plants.

Jessica Pittman Jessica Pittman
Mrs. Pittman teaches first grade in Virginia and uses counting different types of seeds to teach math, a Virginia Ag shapes lesson to teach geometry, and an aeroponic growing system to teach science, among other subject areas.

Tiffany Porter Tiffany Porter
Tiffany Porter implemented an elementary school-wide program involving a greenhouse, aquaponics system and weather station in which students design irrigation systems, determine the best plants to grow in these systems and the nutrients created from the aquaponics system, among other efforts.

Debra Steen Debra Steen
Debra Steen uses growing plants and rearing animals in Tennessee to teach her fourth and fifth graders all the life sciences, including germination, tropism, photosynthesis, animal genetics and more.

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