The Science of Modern Agriculture: GMOs - a Discussion in the Media, the Classroom, and at the Dinner Table

Val Bayes Val Bayes
Valerie Bayes holds a degree in Biological Sciences from University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master's Degree from Lindenwood University in Teaching with certification in secondary biology. She serves as Monsanto’s STEM Engagement Lead in Saint Louis, Missouri. Growing up Valerie often found her curiosity getting her into trouble. From building treehouses out of recycled materials to jumping off the roof with an umbrella – asking “why” and “how” she has always been the curious type asking about phenomena and testing hypothesis. She is a strong advocated for the scientific method. Her work is focuses on creating authentic agricultural experiences demonstrating the sophistication and integral nature of STEM through agriculture.

Larry Gilbertson Larry Gilbertson
Dr. Larry Gilbertson is the Genomics Strategy Lead in the Research and Development IT group at Monsanto. He got his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon. Gilbertson joined Monsanto’s Biotechnology organization in 1995, and have led teams in a wide range of scientific endeavors, including gene expression and silencing, plant transformation, vector technology, protein optimization, and synthetic biology. He loves science and technology, and enjoys talking about it with anyone, anywhere.

Lisa Kanizay Lisa Kanizay
Lisa Kanizay holds a PhD in plant biology from the University of Georgia. She started at Monsanto in 2014, where she works on methods to speed up traditional breeding. Currently, Lisa works closely with gene editing teams to identify ways to deliver gene edits into Monsanto’s breeding pipeline. Lisa has always enjoyed participating in science education and outreach. Outside of work Lisa enjoys being in her garden, cooking, and aerial dance.

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