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Page Keeley
Page Keeley Page Keeley is the Senior Science Program Director for the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance where she develops and leads various projects in Maine and New England in the areas of professional development, mentoring, leadership, and standards implementation. She is the Principal Investigator and Project Director for three NSF-funded projects including The Northern New England Co-Mentoring Network, Curriculum Topic Study- A Systematic Approach to Utilizing National Standards and Research, and PRISMS- Phenomena and Representations for Instruction of Science in Middle School.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in life sciences, she worked as a research assistant in immunogenetics at the Jackson Laboratory of Mammalian Genetics in Bar Harbor, Maine. After starting a family, she entered teaching as a high school and middle school science teacher for fifteen years during which time she received several awards including the 1992 Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching, the 1993 Milken National Educator Award, and the 1994 AT&T Governor’s fellow for Technology. She served as an NSTA District II Director (1997-2000) and member of the NSTA Executive Board (1998-2000) and was a Fellow in Cohort 1 of the NSF-funded WestEd National Academy of Science and Mathematics Education Leadership. She conceived the idea of curriculum topic study while completing her masters in science education at the University of Maine. Several years later her work led to submission of a successful proposal to the National Science Foundation. Her first published book, Curriculum Topic Study- A Systematic Approach to Utilizing National Standards and Research will soon be followed by a series of three books published by NSTA. The first book, Probing Students Ideas in Science- Volume 1 by Page Keeley, Lynn Farrin, and Francis Eberle is currently in press.

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