Investigating Safely


Juliana Texley
author, Juliana Texley Juliana Texley drew many of the anecdotes and tips in Investigating Safely from her 25 years as a science teacher in grades K–12 and nine years as a school superintendent. She was editor of the NSTA journal The Science Teacher for 12 years and served as an officer of the Association of Presidential Awardees in Science Teaching. She teaches college biology and technology and develops online curricula for students and teachers. Texley’s master’s degree in biology and Ph.D. in curriculum development are from Wayne State University.

Terry Kwan
author, Terry Kwan Terry Kwan, a former science teacher and supervisor, collaborates with public and private institutions to develop science programs, train teachers, and design science facilities. Kwan serves as a lay member of the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and a community representative to Institutional Biosafety Committees for the Harvard Medical School and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She is a graduate of Harpur College (SUNY-Binghamton) and Hofstra University.

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