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webseminar screen shot with participants drawing on the slide The second of two Web Seminars on the topic of Investigating Safely was held on Wednesday, February 22, 2006, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. The session was presented by Juliana Texley and Terry Kwan, co-authors of the NSTA Press book Investigating Safely: A Guide for High School Teachers.

The session started with a general overview of the Web Seminar tools and how they can be used to facilitate interaction between the participants and the presenter. Twenty-six participants were present in addition to the presenters and the NSTA staff. Educators represented the states of California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. One participant joined the program from Germany.

Texley and Kwan started the web seminar with a summary of web seminar one that took place in January (see the Archive). Very effectively, they brought up to speed all new participants highlighting the issue of "having enough space" in the science classroom for all students. New topics covered in this web seminar include: use of contact lenses, electrical outlets, and students' attire in the science class. Regarding students' attire, the presenters recommended that students not wear hanging clothing. They also said that students should always wear shoes and tied back hair. The value of teamwork was emphasized, regarding supervisors, janitorial staff, and teachers.

webseminar player window screen shot displaying the poll results

Terry Kwan talked about the proper storage of chemicals. She asked the participants via a poll question, where in school they stored their chemicals. Nineteen percent of those who answered this question said: "I store chemicals in my classroom." Kwan spoke about the potential danger of this practice, and suggested other options to enhance the safety of the teacher and students. Throughout the presentation there were several opportunities for interactions among the participants and presenters - answering poll questions, chatting, stamping, marking, and interacting verbally with each other.

Here are some comments provided by the participants at the end of the Web Seminar:

  • "I teach all three sciences - Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. I found the presentation really great. It was very informative. I really learned a lot."
  • "I learned a lot tonight. No real training is given in lab safety for middle school teachers. I need to do some more reading and studying on safety so I can address this at school in our department and with the principal. Thanks!!!"
  • "I was glad to get the recommendations on eyewash and safety showers--this question just came up a couple of weeks ago with my administration. Very helpful."
  • "I enjoyed the web seminar presentation. I learned about not doing certain laboratories in chemistry and biology class due to safety issues. I also learned of sources to get additional information about safety and about Glo-germ."

Thanks to the participants and the presenters for the learning opportunity, the interactions, and a job well done!


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