Energy: Stop Faking It!

Temperature, Heat, and Heat Transfer!
The second of two web seminars on the topic of Energy: Stop Faking It! was held on Thursday, February 8, 2007, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. The presenter was Dr. Bill Robertson, author of the popular NSTA Press series of books: Stop Faking It! In this seminar, Dr. Robertson talked about the concepts of temperature, heat, and heat transfer.

The presenter used this simulation from the Energy Science Objects to describe the concept of temperature.

Forty-three (43) participants were present at the live Web Seminar in addition to the presenter and the NSTA staff. Participating educators represented the states of Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. One participant joined the seminar from Puerto Rico and another attended from British Columbia, Canada.

In this seminar Dr. Robertson talked about three important concepts in physical science: temperature, heat, and heat transfer. About temperature, he said that it is related to the average speed of the molecules in a substance. He also talked about gases and said that they do not necessarily expand when you heat them or contract when you cool them. All participants received a copy of NSTA's SciGuide about Energy, grades 5-8.

Here are some comments provided by the participants at the end of the Web Seminar:

  • "The content was very relevant for helping to clear up misconceptions in heat and temperature."
  • "I teach energy in my class, and this web seminar was very valuable to me. Gave me new insight and corrected some ideas I had that were wrong."
  • "Bill Robertson speaks with confidence and authority on physical science. I appreciate the clear explanations and graphics. Excellent simulations support the presentations. Thought provoking questions."
  • "We gather as a group of teachers and then have the opportunity to learn together!"

Thanks to the participants and the presenter for the learning opportunity, the interactions, and a job well done!


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