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Julie E. Moss, PhD, RD
Dr. Julie Moss Dr. Julie Moss received a bachelor’s degree in medical nutrition from The Ohio State University in 1994, a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Cincinnati in 1995 and a doctorate in food science from the Florida State University in 2000. Her graduate research focused on tree nut allergens and polyphenolic compounds. While completing her graduate degrees, Dr. Moss was a practicing dietitian and taught collegiate nutrition and food science courses at the Florida State University and the University of Florida.

Dr. Moss joined the FDA in 2001 as a consumer safety officer in the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. She began her FDA career in the Office of Plant and Dairy Foods developing policy for the microbiological safety of fresh fruits and vegetables, coordinating and instructing international training courses for produce safety related issues (e.g., good agricultural practices), and assisting in the development of FDA’s bioterrorism regulations. Dr. Moss then moved to the Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements working on nutrition policy involving trans fat, health claims, and other nutrition labeling issues. Most recently, she is the Deputy Director for the International Affairs Staff working on international aspects of food safety and nutrition for FDA.

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