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  Clues to the Cryosphere: Lessons from the Ice

During this half-day symposium participants received information about how the rapid change coupled with new discoveries make the Polar Region an exciting area to study and explore. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s Polar Program Office, this interactive half-day symposium featured scientists working in the Arctic and Antarctic. The topics included an overview of the Polar Regions and the impact of changes there, information about ice cores and what they can tell us about the changing climate, and how microbial life in ice changes our ideas about the carbon cycle and biodiversity. A panel of 10 scientists working on different aspects of polar science discussed participant questions about these regions. Participants were treated to the latest in polar science research and a variety of NSF funded hands-on activities for the classroom.

This symposium was held at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in San Francisco, CA. The program was designed for teachers K-12.

For more information contact symposia@nsta.org

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