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Web Seminars are free, interactive, live, online, 90-minute sessions of professional development featuring content experts from NSTA government partners such as NASA, FDA, NSF, NSDL, and NOAA, as well as NSTA Press authors. To ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience, all first time web seminar participants should log on 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to learn how to use the interactive tools.

Throughout the science content session you will have the opportunity to interact with the presenter and other participants in several ways. You can respond to poll questions, use "mark-up" tools to mark the presenter's slides, or type your questions via the chat window. Some presenters may share videos that you can watch and discuss. Each web seminar includes time for the presenter to answer questions.

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The web seminar software NSTA uses is called Blackboard Collaborate. After you've registered for a web seminar:

  • Check to make sure you have the latest version of Java on your computer.
  • Visit the Blackboard Collaborate CONFIGURATION ROOM to set-up your computer's audio. This will verify that your computer has the proper plug-in and is configured to participate in the seminar.
  • Download the LATEST VERSION OF QUICKTIME. Also check for updates for your Operating System (Windows; Mac OSX). Test your ability to watch any videos shared during the presentation by viewing this test video.
  • Check out the Blackboard Collaborate QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE [PDF] and watch this 7-minute RECORDED ORIENTATION.
  • We recommend that you carefully read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to learn more about NSTA Web Seminars and how to have a successful Web Seminar experience.

For more information contact webseminars@nsta.org.

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