Podcast: Engineering - Because Dreams Need Doing: What is the engineering design process

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The Podcast: Engineering - Because Dreams Need Doing: What is the engineering design process is a segment of the entire Web Seminar: Engineering: Because Dreams Need Doing, February 19, 2009. The podcast is 8 minutes 8 seconds in duration.

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In the source Web Seminar, Mike Mooney, Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines, gave an overview on how engineers are involved in the design process of materials. This process lends itself to the inquiry and project based learning in your classroom since it involves identifying needs and problems, investigating and gathering information on these needs, and then testing and modifying models based on analysis of design solutions.

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  • on Mon May 28, 2018 8:02 AM

I have been using this podcast for years in my design process and STEM workshops for teachers! It expertly and clearly goes through the engineering design process, explaining each step. I use this as an introduction and have even copied their use of symbols for each step to create handouts to students as they go through the steps (see my collections). If I could have put 4.5 stars I would have. My only hesitation in giving it a 5/5 is that the sound is muffled and the video quality is medium resolution - making it a bit tough to use in a group setting. All in all, a fantastic resource that I have come to rely on heavily in my pd workshops.

Gabe Kraljevic  (Winnipeg, MB)
Gabe Kraljevic (Winnipeg, MB)

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