Podcast: Food Irradiation

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The Podcast: Food Irradiation is a production of the entire Web Seminar: Food Irradiation, May 11, 2010. The podcast is 1 hour 17 minutes in duration.

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This is the second of two Web Seminars scheduled as a follow-up to the Teaching Nutrition Science and the Food Label Symposium that took place at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Philadelphia, PA. In this program, Dr. Lane Highbarger talked about food irradiation and the role of FDA in this process. Dr. Highbarger gave an overview of what types of foods were irradiated and the type of organisms that irradiation does and does not control. Dr. Highbarger also talked about some of the common misconceptions that consumers have regarding food irradiation and that studies have shown the practice to be safe for humans and have benefits for the overall health of the food supply.

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