Podcast: Lunar Exploration: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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The Podcast: Lunar Exploration: The Electromagnetic Spectrum is a segment of the Web Seminar Lunar Exploration, November 21, 2006. The podcast is 11 minutes 32 seconds in duration.

The source Web Seminar was the third of four on the topic of Lunar Exploration. The presenter was Dr. Anuradha Koratkar, Associate Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Baltimore County's Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology (GEST) Center. The presentation focused on radiation in space and how it may affect equipment and humans involved in lunar exploration in the next decade. One of the goals of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, which was scheduled for launch in 2008, is to measure the solar radiation at the surface of the Moon.

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  • on Tue May 17, 2011 10:20 PM

This podcast offers a great overview on the EM spectrum. I especially liked the detailed information regarding "how" atoms release electromagnetic radiation. The slide with the pictures of the sun as seen through the various types of radiation would make a great introductory discussion piece for the classroom.

Susanne Hokkanen  (Orland Park, IL)
Susanne Hokkanen (Orland Park, IL)

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