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Modern Evolutionary Biology

How does evolution work, how does it explain the history of life on Earth, and how is this fundamental concept itself changing in the face of new discoveries?

Explore our family tree, and see how Darwin’s theory holds up in the era of bioinformatics. Authored by world-class biologists, this six-week online course draws on the Museum’s long-standing leadership in paleontology, geology, systematics, and molecular biology to illuminate the fundamental concept that underlies all life sciences. The course begins with Darwin’s observations of patterns in nature, examines cutting-edge molecular and phylogenetic techniques that determine an organism’s place on the Tree of Life, and concludes with a look at the practical implications of evolution on human health, agriculture and conservation.

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  • on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:48 AM

I decided to take this online course to increase my content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge about evolution. What I found was a world of resources! Those that run the course are great at communicating over online discussion boards. Furthermore, the course follows a logical set of themes with short readings provided through AMNH. Additionally, the course requires a strong book about how to teach evolution by BSCS. I found the discussions, small assignments, and final project to all be worthwhile. I would recommend this course to anyone as long as they have enough time to put into it!

Rachel  (Olney, MD)
Rachel (Olney, MD)

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