Favorite Demonstration: The Cell Organelle Pageantby: Jason K. Pearson and Lee E. Hughes

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The Cell Organelle Pageant is an activity to reinforce student’s understanding of the structure and function of eukaryotic cell organelles. This activity should follow readings and a lecture presentation on cell types and structures. Students often learn about the structure of the eukaryotic cell in introductory biology courses, but they rarely move beyond a simple memorization of names and basic function. This activity not only requires that students remember these facts, but also expects them to move toward further understanding of the importance of various cellular functions.

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  • on Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:21 PM

I included this activity as part of my Cells unit for 7th grade Life Science students...the students loved it! The provided rubric can easily be modified to meet the needs of the class, or used as is. I teach 6 sections of Life Science, and all 6 sections were enthusiastic and excited to participate. This lesson is also wonderful for guest visitors to observe! We made the activity a two-day event, with day 1 dedicated to research, creation of the glamor shout, and writing the speech. Day 2 was the actual pageant. I did allow the students to vote for themselves, and was very happy to see that they did indeed vote for the best organelle, and not just their own. This activity can be used as an authentic assessment and is a wonderful way help all students shine!

Kelly O'Connor  (Waukegan, IL)
Kelly O'Connor (Waukegan, IL)

  • on Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:57 AM

This activity is a fun and creative way to both encourage master and assess students' understanding of cell organelles. Although it is presented as a college activity, it could be modified to be used in even a middle school, and of course a high school classroom. Especially with the Common Core State Standards Initiative encouraging integration of literacy (in this case speaking and writing) into our science classes, this is an excellent and engaging activity.

Wendy R  (Pocatello, ID)
Wendy R (Pocatello, ID)

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