Hands-On Thunderstorms: Activities to help students and teachers understand thunderstorms and severe weatherby: Mark H. Palmer

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Have you ever wondered how thunderstorms actually form? Offering an age-appropriate explanation can be quite challenging because thunderstorms are very complicated atmospheric phenomena. However, by using a little creativity and a few household items to serve as concrete examples, students can conduct experiments that help understand the various stages of thunderstorm development. Each demonstration and hands-on activity used in this article can enhance individual classroom units on storms, clouds, severe weather, and the water cycle.

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  • on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:48 PM

This short and informative article provides several simple demonstrations to illustrate the complicated processes behind thunderstorms. The author describes the formation of thunderstorms and, with every step, gives the procedure, materials, and content connections for a classroom demonstration for that step. The demonstrations are simple and clear, and would help the students understand the interactions between warm and cool air, moisture, and electricity that form the dangerous storms.

Allison Cooke
Allison Cooke

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