Teaching Through Trade Books: Survival Skillsby: Christine Anne Royce

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Animals have many adaptations that help them survive in their environment and meet their special needs of food and shelter. This month’s column focuses on two such adaptations: camouflage and beaks. This articles comes with a corresponding activity.

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  • on Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:38 PM

By integrating children's books into science, we can better reach a diverse group of learners. This article provides synopses of two books related to animal survival in the natural world. One book is for the primary grades, while the other is for upper elementary students. One thoughtful follow-up activity is also provided for each children's book. Both activities are engaging and hands-on which promotes creative thinking and allows students to explore what is being taught. Based on the synopses provided, each activity also directly connects to the story. This beautifully depicts how our different subjects are intertwined and provides children with an illustration of how reading allows us to learn.

Megan F  (Bernardston, MA)
Megan F (Bernardston, MA)

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