Fat Findersby: Kottie Chrisite-Blick

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Everyday the media bombards us with concern over childhood obesity. More American children than ever before are developing health problems related to their eating habits and lack of exercise. The classroom is the perfect place to deal with this national crisis by speaking directly to our children.

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  • on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:14 PM

The article, “Fat Finders” by Kottie Christie-Blick was an excellent article that I would definitely recommend. The article is very thorough in its procedure and purpose. The author states that the activity was done with a fourth grade class but could be modified and used for other grade levels as well. I never thought about having students do a science lesson to evaluate the types of foods they are eating and teaching food science. I don’t remember ever being taught about food in elementary, but I think it could be incredibly beneficial. I like how hands-on the activity is because it allows kids to see directly what their food does to the paper bag and in addition what it does to their bodies. This is much more beneficial than having kids read about it from a book. This article provides a fun way for kids to learn about the foods they are eating and why healthy foods are important for our bodies.

Juleigh Meghan Myracle
Juleigh Meghan Myracle

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