Teaching Through Trade Books: Moon Phases and Modelsby: Emily Morgan and Karen Ansberry

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From the time they are very young, children are naturally curious about the Moon. They may wonder about the different shapes of the Moon when they look up at the night sky. In this month’s primary lesson, students discover through direct observations and reading that the Moon’s shape follows a pattern. In the upper-elementary lesson, students explore the reason for this pattern using a model.

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  • on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:34 PM

The article provides a K-3 moon observation project organized as a lesson plan associated with a children's book. In addition, lesson plan is provided for grades 4-6 associated with another trade book. The activities are classic activities that help students understand about the phases of the moon. I would pair these activities with those found in "The Moon's Phases and Self Shadow" in the Sept. 2008 Science and Children.

Bambi Bailey  (Tyler, TX)
Bambi Bailey (Tyler, TX)

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