An O-“fish”-ial Research Project by: Kim-Thoa Nguyen, James Newman, Rick Krustchinsky, and Karen Vanek

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In this “O-“fish”-ial” research project, third-grade students use multiple resources to research several fish species, write a research paper and develop a PowerPoint presentation to communicate their findings. In addition, students actually examine these species up close with samples from the local market, and then conclude the project with a celebratory fish-tasting party. Best of all, students not only learn about habitats, ecosystems, and food chains, but also incorporate the science-process skills of observing, classifying, communicating, inferring, predicting, and measuring into this inviting “menu” of learning!

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  • on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:01 PM

Great resource for helping your students develop their research and writing skills using questions developed through inquiry. Rubrics, activities that support writing, and extension activities are included. This article goes beyond researching and writing and engages students with activities such as observing and tasting samples of fish.

Patricia M  (Pottstown, PA)
Patricia M (Pottstown, PA)

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