Guest Editorial: Elementary Science Education in the K–12 System by: Page Keeley

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Elementary science is a critical part of the K–12 science education system. Tragically, the enactment of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has greatly diminished the time spent on teaching science in many elementary schools. In some schools that have not attained adequate yearly progress (AYP) status, science is not taught at all, and teachers are told point blank not to teach science so they can spend more time on reading and mathematics. The good intentions of NCLB eroded the fundamental foundation for science in our K–12 education system. Here the author discusses the importance of taking a K–12 system approach to supporting high-quality elementary science education in every school district.

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  • on Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:16 PM

Science needs to be incorporated into all grade levels, and there are many ways to do that. Science is used to explain the natural world, to get students engaged in this you can use a phenomenon to start the lesson and get students engaged. We need to bring science back into all grades to show how important it is, but until then we can incorporate science into cross-curricular teaching.

Kennedy C  (Estherville, IA)
Kennedy C (Estherville, IA)

  • on Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:56 AM

Personally, I think that science is a really important subject that all schools should be teaching their students. I think it is something that will benefit them later in life and help them understand the world around them.


  • on Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:12 PM

This editorial addresses the need for solid K-6 science and describes some of the ramifications that can occur when students do not receive a solid science background. Suggestions for how middle and high school teachers can advocate for a quality elementary science program in their district is also included.

Patricia McGinnis  (Pottstown, PA)
Patricia McGinnis (Pottstown, PA)

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