Science Shorts: Our Environmentby: Caryn Walker and Ingrid Weiland

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This column provides classic classroom activities that emphasize science process skills. In this month’s issue students pose a scientific question and plan an investigation to answer that question.

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  • on Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:49 PM

1. Why did you choose to put this article in your collection? Be specific...."because it looked interesting" is not sufficient. I chose to put this article into my collection because it went through the entire lesson. It included the 5 E’s that are needed for an effective science lesson 2. What new information did you learn? That it’s okay to get messy in a science lesson or experiment sometimes. That just makes the learning so much more fun! And sometimes it shows how engaged they were. 3. What TEKS would it go with and how could you use this information in your classroom? 3.9A and 3.10A (9) Organisms and environments. The student knows and can describe patterns, cycles, systems, and relationships within the environments. The student is expected to: (A) observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities of plants and animals within an ecosystem; (10) Organisms and environments. The student knows that organisms undergo similar life processes and have structures that help them survive within their environments. The student is expected to: (A) explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment; 4. Based on your experience, is there anything in the article that you agree with? Disagree with? Have questions about? Overall, I loved this article! It gave great insight to each 5 E and what should be done in each category. I also liked how it had an investigation checklist. This article really gets you prepared for the activity.

Carlie Cheek  (Texarkana, TX)
Carlie Cheek (Texarkana, TX)

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