Formative Assessment Probes: Is It Erosion or Weathering?by: Page Keeley

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This column focuses on promoting learning through assessment. The formative assessment probe in this month’s issue can be used as an initial elicitation before students are introduced to the formal concepts of weathering and erosion.

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  • on Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:57 PM

The resources in this article were extremely helpful. I loved the questions that they provided and the exit ticket. It allows students to be reflective and it helps teachers caught any misconceptions that students may have about weathering and erosion!

Lydia Coley
Lydia Coley

  • on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:54 PM

This formative assessment probe is a great way to gauge whether students understand the difference between weathering and erosion. I find that a lot of my students get the two confused since they're so closely related, and we spend a lot of time talking about the difference between the two. I've just finished teaching about weathering/erosion/deposition, and want to use this tool to assess their understanding. I wish I had it at the beginning of this unit so I could have done a pre/post-test using it! I also love the reflection provided. It helps students assess their own learning and show how their thinking has changed through the unit.

Valerie L  (Katy, TX)
Valerie L (Katy, TX)

  • on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:27 PM

This article offered a easy to use probe assessment. The Vocabulary in the Probe is great. The English language has so many words that can mean weathered or eroded( moved). Our ELL and really all students with their limited vocabulary struggle with being able to read words like washed, carried, worn away etc. and decide whether its weathering or erosion . This probe provided even more examples of vocabulary exposure.

Judy Lucadou
Judy Lucadou

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