The Early Years: Classroom Memoriesby: Shayna Tivona and Peggy Ashbrook

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This column discusses resources and science topics related to students in grades preK to 2. This month’s issue provides an activity to encourage students to reflect on their actions and thought processes.

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  • on Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:52 PM

This resource offers input about the benefits of providing students visual aids in the form of documentation panels. These documentation panels chronologically illustrate what students have been working on in their classroom. The panels serve as a scaffolding tool for students to utilize when discussing what they are learning with peers, their teacher or parents. For students in my kindergarten classroom, these documentation panels have to be filled with plenty of color and photos to help them recall. This visual aid allows students to describe their work which in turn helps the teacher assess students understanding. I had never heard of this tool before and I think it is an excellent strategy to utilize especially when working on a skill or standard that needs to be covered over a period of time. This allows students to easily recall by looking at a photograph or words that they are constantly exposed to through instruction. I would love to use this resource but worry about the amount of time it would take to create and implement in the classroom.


  • on Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:43 PM

This article describes how to use documentation panel to report on what they have done in a science activity. It is a good idea but seems a little above the ability of Early Years learners.

Betty  (Kansas City,, MO)
Betty (Kansas City,, MO)

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