Remaking Science Fairsby: Dena Harshbarger

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Adaptations create science conventions that avoid the typical pitfalls of science fair time.

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  • on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:02 PM

Remaking Science Fairs is a great idea and a great article by Dena Harshbarger. This new concept really does make sense. How many times have these competitions been done at home where students are at a disadvantage? Many times students rely on parents, good supplies, and support and not all students receive that at home. Changing the way that we do science fairs give students all the same chance at learning. The biggest changes to science fairs that I like and would want to point out because I think every teacher should do it is 1. do the projects in class. Doing the projects in class give the opportunity for answered questions and time with the teacher and other students that may be able to help. 2. Have someone help each student. It may be a partner, a university student, high school student or the students can work in groups. This is very important because it helps all students have the same type of support and does not leave someone at a disadvantage. This article really touches on how to change the way that science fairs have been done and how we can improve them so that we can continue to see amazing projects each year.

Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia

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