Methods and Strategies: Science Storybooksby: Renee Clary

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This column provides ideas and techniques to enhance your science teaching. This month’s issue discusses using Giverny Award winners to engage elementary students in science.

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  • on Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:21 PM

After reading this article, I learned a lot about science storybooks. Clary (2016) says, “With an increasing emphasis on incorporating literacy across the curriculum, storybooks can provide teachers with an effective method to connect science and reading,” which means storybooks are important for children to study curriculum. I totally agree with this point. I believe that students will be more interested in storybooks than textbooks. When integrating story with science, students can learn scientific principles while they are reading stories. In addition, students will have a better understanding of science through reading projects including strong language arts components. I also learned a new concept, Giverny Award. This is an annual children’s science picture book award. Most winning books are concentrated on botanical concepts, including plant life cycles, seasonal changes, and so on. Furthermore, elementary teachers like to use Giverny book with the 5E model to teach science. Giverny books can be used as a hook for children, to support evidence to explain science concepts, or offer several opportunities to explore and expand the classroom investigation. In my opinion, the Giverny Award-winning books are helpful resources to combine science with reading. In my future class, I would like to use Giverny books to encourage students to learn science.

Yu Ni
Yu Ni

  • on Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:34 PM

I really enjoyed this resource and found it to be incredibly resourceful. I had never heard of the Giverny Award before and am thrilled to know it exists since I've always had trouble finding kid-friendly fiction books with an engaging plot that still manages to teach children scientific information. The chart at the end of the article that outlined all of the past Giverny winners with the title, author, year they won, and concepts the book touched upon was a helpful visual. I definitely plan on looking into these books and investing in some for my future classroom.

Rachel S
Rachel S

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