Down by the Bayby: Elizabeth Allison, Karyn Tunks, and Kacie Hardman

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The resources of a nature center help second-grade students become experts in their local environment.

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  • on Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:37 PM

This is a great article about how using local resources can provide students with an exceptional opportunity for hands-on science experiences. The article lets the reader know that the natural resources of the community can be used to provide an engaging learning experience. An important note to make, so teachers know that they are not confined to just the spaces of the classroom. Parts of the article discuss how everyone can engage in hands-on learning. Not only are the teachers and students involved, but even the parents are encouraged to participate in the investigation. The way the teacher began to engage the students in the lesson was by revisiting prior knowledge. Prior knowledge is a great way for teachers and students to review the concepts they have previously learned. The lesson plan used made great use of the engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate model. The article demonstrated how important it is to give students the opportunity to explore and investigate through observation and even handling some of the specimens being studied. One of the most important aspects the article talks about is when the students returned to the classroom and continued their discussion and exploration of what they just experienced. The explain and extend parts of the lesson plan. Once back in the classroom, students engaged in discussion about what they observed and continued to explore specimens, this time knowing the meaning of the vocabulary and facts about the marine life. What I love about this article, is that students are investigating a familiar setting, allowing for more relevance and meaning of science concepts.

Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia

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