Teaching Through Trade Books: Matter All Around Usby: Christine Anne Royce

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This column includes activities inspired by children’s literature. This month’s activities allow students to develop an “understanding of observable properties of materials [which] is developed by … analysis and classification” (NGSS Lead States 2013).

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  • on Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:13 PM

As a teacher-candidate, I am looking for science lessons that seem within my reach once I'm in my own classroom. While I don't know what grade I will be teaching, the lessons provided in this article are broken down so that they can be applied to K-2 and 3-5. The topics/standards are the same in that they both take a look at Matter and Its Interactions, but the way the lessons are taught are geared towards the appropriate age groups. K-2 investigates which materials are best for soaking up water, are more flexible, and are most abrasive. Grades 3-5 investigate how different powders (found around the home) react when mixed with certain liquids. If needing to purchase materials, they should be low cost. Overall, I believe students of all ages will enjoy these lessons on learning about matter and I feel these are lessons I can easily execute.

Julie Waymire  (Edwardsville, IL)
Julie Waymire (Edwardsville, IL)

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