A Dazzling Journey to an Aquarium Ecosystemby: Karen Bucci

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Using instructional technology engages students with close-up views of organisms.

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  • on Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:22 PM

This article goes into depth about a 4th grade lesson plan over aquarium ecosystems. The author describes the technology use, the habitat, and the organisms. The article also includes a hands-on activity the the students could do in class. I found this to be a very beneficial article, because it showed me technology that I could incorporate into my future classroom. Before reading this article I had never heard of the Wi-Viewer app or SmartScope iGo. The teacher used this tool as a digital microscope. This works with an iPad and the students can pass it around and it can be displayed using the projector. The teacher also explains how the students will create their own aquatic ecosystem, it even includes using a living organism, a snail. This is how the teacher tied in the technology, she used the technology as a microscope to look at the snail in the ecosystem that was built. I also liked the teacher included pictures and the safety concerns for this lesson. She also listed the materials that would be needed to replicate the aquarium. One of the things that made this article great was that she had quotes from students who took part in this lesson. This showed how much the students enjoyed the lesson. It also lets the reader see that the students were able to comprehend the material. The article also includes a way to formally assess the students when they reach the end of the lesson. Overall this was a good article and a good lesson. I could definetly see myself incorporating this into my own classroom.

Rachel Arceneaux
Rachel Arceneaux

  • on Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:54 PM

I picked this article because I really enjoyed the subject matter that it covers. I have always been very curious about bodies of water and the life that is within them. In this article, the author gives a lot of information about the different ways that students can learn about these bodies of water and marine life. This was very interesting to me, since I have done similar projects like this before with my students. I learned through this one a new and more education specific side of this. I picked the TEK 5.9A for my future classroom, this centers on the way the ecosystems interact with each other. I would use this in my classrooms by discussing with my students the different types of marine life and how they interact with one another. I would also incorporate the project of the students getting to incorporate their own marine ecosystem to watch and keep in the classroom. I learned a few things from this article, one being that there are many different ways to present this topic to students, the different technology that can be used in this area, and hot to make this a fun topic for my students.

Jasee Ivey  (Blooming Grove, TX)
Jasee Ivey (Blooming Grove, TX)

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