Real Science in the Palm of Your Handby: Emily Harris and Heidi Ballard

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A framework for designing and facilitating citizen science in the classroom

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  • on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:52 AM

I appreciated that this article was broken down into several concepts in order to address such a complex idea such as teaching science effectively and meaningful to students across all grades. Having the students participate in science activities that require responsible roles initiates a child's interest and self identity through those meaningful science experiments. Even though this is science content, a science classroom can help a child learn characteristics about themselves as well as strengths or possible career interest. Incorporating citizen science builds on other important core values as well such as self esteem, team building, and even community involvement. It shows students that they can "do" science and are able to make even the smallest difference in our society which should be the goal of any science classroom!

Nicole Leon
Nicole Leon

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