Career of the Month: An interview with Honey Bee Scientist Eric Mussenby: Megan Sullivan

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It’s common knowledge that honey bees collect nectar from flowers to make honey. But did you know honey is the only food we consume that is produced by insects? In addition, bees pollinate (fertilize) a staggering one-third of what we eat every day, including fruits and vegetables. Further, products of bees and their hives—such as honey and venom—are used internationally for antibiotic activity, bee-sting therapy, treating burn injuries, beauty products, and more. As an apiculturist, Eric Mussen studies honey bees and their relationships with the environment, people, and other organisms.

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An apiculturist is a subspecialty of a field called entomology which is the science of insects. This gentleman happens to be interested in bees, their job, their interactions in the field and their social structure. These individuals act as a liaison between the bee keeper and the USDA. This is an important position science bees are so vital for human existence and because bee populations have been mysteriously declining in the past several years. Read about his job, the products of the hive to learn all about this interesting and specific science.

Adah  (San Antonio, TX)
Adah (San Antonio, TX)

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