Career of the Month: An Interview With GIS Specialist Ronald Wilson by: Megan Sullivan

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In October 2002, in the midst of the terrifying Washington D.C. sniper attacks, a team of specialists was asked to help search for the suspects. Independent of the official investigation, the team analyzed and mapped attack locations to identify where the snipers were most likely residing. It was challenging and exciting to assist in the search efforts, but dreadful to know that the snipers could strike again at any moment. The team described is the Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety (MAPS) program, led by Ronald Wilson. As a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist, Wilson uses mapping technology and science to understand crime from a geographical perspective.

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Solving a crime can sometimes rely on the knowledge of a geographical information system and spatial technology. This article describes how this knowledge of these computer systems allows this author to assist the US Department of Justice visualize spatial crime patterns. If you like to solve problems and love to crunch numbers with a computer this article is for you. Readers learn what this field is about and what is needed to find your niche in this occupation.

Adah  (San Antonio, TX)
Adah (San Antonio, TX)

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