Career of the Month: An Interview With Pharmacist Ken Thaiby: Megan Sullivan

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Medications prescribed by your doctor are designed to support your health. But if incorrectly prescribed, misused, or abused, these prescriptions can become dangerous and sometimes fatal. A pharmacist’s job is to ensure that your medications and dosages are correct. By considering all medications you take and the food you eat, pharmacists also work to prevent adverse chemical interactions from occurring. As an essential part of the medical team, pharmacist Ken Thai provides a critical link between physicians and patients.

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A pharmacist must be very careful to dispense the correct medicine a doctor prescribes. A single error might endanger the life of a person. With this in mind a pharmacist can work in many different locations other than a drug store. This article describes a typical day of a pharmacist and the paths, more than one that might lead a student to this career goal.

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Adah (San Antonio, TX)

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