One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish, You Fish!by: Katherine White, Maryellen Timmons, and Paul Medders

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The recreational fishing activity presented in this article provides a hands-on, problem-based experience for students; it unites biology, math, economics, environmental policy, and population dynamics concepts. In addition, the activity allows students to shape environmental policy in a realistic setting and evaluate their peers' work. By focusing on recreational—rather than commercial—fisheries, the activity drives home the connection between students and natural resources and makes an abstract topic more personal.

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  • on Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:18 PM

This set of three games show students the importance of conserving natural resources by having students "fish" using certain guidelines. First, students harvest as many fish as they want. Next, they follow specific management guidelines in games two and three. Finally, they analyze their results using guidelines provided in the article. Web resources are also provided.

Ruth Hutson  (Westmoreland, KS)
Ruth Hutson (Westmoreland, KS)

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