Interdependence of Life


SciGuides are a collection of thematically aligned lesson plans, simulations, and web-based resources for teachers to use with their students centered on standards-aligned science concepts.

The Interdependence of Life SciGuide includes a variety of resources that explore organisms and their environments, species relationships, population balance in biomes, and aganets of change in ecosystems.

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  • on Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:04 AM

SciGuides are really fantastic.When it's time to teach about life science, I can be confident knowing I'll have the Interdependence of Life SciGuide to go to for lesson plans, simulations, and web-based resources. I'll be able to create outstanding lessons in a shorter amount of time since many resources are easily accessible in this SciGuide.

Naomi Beverly  (Marietta, GA)
Naomi Beverly (Marietta, GA)

  • on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:19 AM

This SciGuide is packed with information, web resources, and lesson plans. I appreciated the layout and cohesiveness of each sub-heading. Most interesting to me is the "Species Relationships" section as it enables learners to glean an understanding of how species depend and relate to one another. I like the emphasis on food and the fact that life depends on life for survival. There is a nice mix of hands-on, virtual, audio, and video resource links. Though as a Lower Elementary teacher my only criticism would be that there aren't enough resources directly targeting Lower Elementary levels. But this ScieGuide is stated as being for upper and middle school-aged grade levels, so perhaps it's not a criticism as much as wishful thinking.

Saba Polakovic
Saba Polakovic

  • on Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:52 PM

The Interdependence of Life SciGuide is filled with lesson plans, media resources, and links. The SciGuide is suggested for the middle school level however it can easily be adapted to the primary classroom. The topics of invasive species and food webs make this SciGuide easily attainable for even my Kindergarten students. The "other resources" lists a variety of books and articles for the k - 4 groups. The selections are useful and wihtin reach for the students.

Arleen B
Arleen B

  • on Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:14 PM

I was blow away by the amount of lesson plan examples and resources that were available. It help to support the growth of my pedagogical knowledge. I was excited because the quality and superb online course and resources really pieced well with the SciPack. The SciGuide modeled how to deliver the content from the SciPack. The Interdependence of Life provided a sampling of the tiering or spiraling of the information from grades K to 6th grade. The Interdependence of Life SciGuide is a 5 star resource.

Amy Casey
Amy Casey

  • on Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:23 PM

This Sciguide was a great tool that broke down and provided visual learning materials for a lot of the different types of organisms and species and how a change in one can effect another. Because of the vast amounts of vocabulary, it would have helped to have a section for tabbed words instead of having to click on them and read the pop up or looking in the glossary at the end of the sections. This was the only concern i had being that the guide is covering and providing a lot of information, keeping the reference material on the page would help with staying focused. I also appreciate the examples of student work as a basis on what to follow or modify.

Mitchell M
Mitchell M

  • on Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:41 AM

I used this SciGuide to create an activity for my Biology classes when we were doing the unit on Ecology. I liked this activity because the students got to use their hands for something other than taking notes, and there was an actual end product that the other students could compare and contrast between the different groups. I had the students cut out and paste the various organisms onto half index cards and create their food chains and webs that way. The students worked in groups of 2-3 and they were having a blast. I found all the pictures of the organisms (that I could find in magazines) and I color copied them and had multiple sheets for each group. That way the students already had the pictures to cut out and all the groups had the same organisms. I thought that worked out really well. I was proud of myself for thinking to do that in the first place. After they cut out the pictures and started making their flashcards, I let them play for a little while and get used to the difference between food CHAINS and food WEBS. I think after a short while they all seemed to get it pretty well. The last thing everyone did was answer the questions I had on their worksheet and handed it in. I really like this actvity and I will be sure to use it every year from now on.


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