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This Web Seminar took place on January 20, 2009 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Presenting was Dr. Natalie Batalha, professor of astronomy and physics at San Jose State University where she conducts research on extrasolar planet detection and stellar astrophysics. She is a co-Investigator for NASA's Kepler Mission. Dr Batalha talked about the history of Astronomy focusing on Kepler, the scientist, and the current NASA mission, named in his honor, to search for planets in the inhabitable zones around stars. For more information about this web seminar, its presenter(s), read what participants said about it, and to see and download its PowerPoint slides go here.

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  • on Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:39 PM

Dr. Natalie Batalha gives a great overview of Galileo, Brahe, and Kepler's discoveries and their implications. Included in the powerpoint are lots of Galileo's actual drawings. Great resources are given by the presenter and participants in the chat. A great explanation is given explaining how Kepler works and the rationale of the project. Attending the web seminars is best so you can get your questions answered, but the archive is the next best thing.

Ruth Hutson  (Westmoreland, KS)
Ruth Hutson (Westmoreland, KS)

  • on Mon May 09, 2011 8:44 PM

The clearly presented content and the resources in the webinar are sure to engage the learner into exploring astronomy. The new teacher and the veteran teacher will be able to design lessons and encourage students to become acquainted with the night sky. The included websites are just fantastic either as interactive learning situations or for content background. Although this webinar was offered as part of the celebration of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, it stands as a most welcome and viable resource in 2011, too. The first webinar in this series is a fantastic resource for the educator in addition to this one, the second in the series.

Patricia  (Arlington, VA)
Patricia (Arlington, VA)

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