Periodicityby: William C. Robertson, Ph.D.

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In thinking about a title for this chapter, the word periodicity came to mind. I was sure this had some kind of pop culture reference. After discussing this with my wife, we figured I was thinking of synchronicity, which is a reference to music by the band, The Police. Looking the word Periodicity up on the internet, I found that I was, in fact, a science geek and had not made a hip reference. Periodicity refers mainly to the Periodic Table, which is a focus of this chapter. No music, just science.

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  • on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:16 PM

Here you will find a very creative approach to the electronic structure of atoms. I especially liked the rooms in a house analogy to probability locations. Use these analogies and your students will connect to the electronic structure of atoms


  • on Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:25 PM

I was looking for a sparkling way to introduce periodicity to my Chemistry Class. This is not the book chapter to help. The chapter title is misleading as it explains (very nicely) all about electron configurations and shells/orbitals (the reason FOR periodicity) but gives little information about 'what next', i.e the periodicity of the Periodic Trends (melting points etc). I have a chemistry background, and this book is designed for non-scientists, so perhaps I am being a bit unfair. The writing style is enjoyable, if I was new to the topic I would have been glued to the pages, but the content is too basic for my needs so I am glad I got to read a chapter free before I bought the series!

Rebecca Austin Datta  (Jacksonville, FL)
Rebecca Austin Datta (Jacksonville, FL)

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