Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning

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This is the book that will flip the way you think about STEM from “not me” to “I’m in!” Author Jeff Weld is the director of the acclaimed Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. He sees STEM as “a white-hot, transformative revolution in schooling as we know it.” He channels the wisdom of professionals in education, business, and government to bring you the theory and policy behind nationally recognized education models for STEM. Whether you’re an educator, business professional, or policy maker, you can share Weld’s infectious enthusiasm as you extract best practices that will prepare students for the future.

  Creating a STEM Culture’s wide-ranging topics include why STEM matters; what STEM networks do; how to build community buy-in for STEM; what makes school–business STEM partnerships work; and what STEM means for teachers, learning, and assessment. Each chapter is sprinkled with lighthearted case studies that complement the topic at hand. From start to finish, writes Weld, the story of STEM unfolds “as a how-to, can-do, who’s-who, you-too manual and memoire based on the experiences of leaders who walk the talk.”

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  • on Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:50 PM

As a K-12 STEM Education Specialist this book is incredibly helpful in the work I do support teachers, administrators, and districts as they begin their STEM teaching and learning journeys. It is a very useful framework to help them begin the strategic planning and implementation of a STEM culture that supports all students!

Jen Gutierrez  (Chandler, AZ)
Jen Gutierrez (Chandler, AZ)

  • on Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:38 PM

First of all I am a STEM Educator and author. Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning is right next to my desk where I write and plan my professional learning, experiences. Jeff Weld has provided us with a comprehensive overview of STEM Teaching and Learning along with some very wonderful analogies which are all very quotable. Great STEM Education Resource and I highly recommend it!

Jo Anne Vasquez  (Gilbert, AZ)
Jo Anne Vasquez (Gilbert, AZ)

  • on Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:34 PM

Having coordinated a regional STEM organization over the last 6 years I would highly recommend this publication to administrators, classroom educators, employers, and anyone interested in STEM education and talent issues. Jeff Weld outlines the fundamental importance of STEM proficiency in a changing world then provides examples and guidance for STEM teaching and learning at the regional, community, school and classroom level. He shares practical, detailed information on creating STEM networks, community engagement, building and sustaining employer-education partnerships, classroom methodology, teacher professional development, assessment and of course lessons learned!

Rich Merkel
Rich Merkel

  • on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:39 AM

As a coordinator for a fledgling statewide STEM network, I found this book extremely useful. While it's core is the story of the widely successful work of the Iowa Governor's STEM Council, there are examples and references to STEM work across the country. I appreciated a link to North Carolina's Guide to STEM Community Engagement. We started tools like this from scratch, so it's nice to get further ideas on how to make them better (though it would've been nice to have 2 years ago!). Jeff Weld shows his wit and sense of humor throughout the book, making it enjoyable to read. For example, he says, "STEM networks are conga lines that relieve and bolster innovation to scale," in a section on catalyzing local/regional/state STEM networks. In a section on strategies for community collaboration on STEM, he notes that "STEM connects the bucolic educational pond of koi and catfish to the piranha pit of the broader community, making both much better." As schools in Wisconsin have some new opportunities for STEM related grants in FabLabs and robotics, I also appreciated the chapters on teacher professional development and considerations for teacher preparation programs. Teachers need support to do this work, but doing that the same way as always isn't going to cut it. I'd recommend this book to educators or community members interested in supporting ongoing work in STEM, thinking about it new ways, or getting some ideas to freshen current approaches.

Kevin Anderson  (Madison, WI)
Kevin Anderson (Madison, WI)

  • on Tue May 01, 2018 12:29 PM

The book was more of a lit review with a lot of background regarding STEM culture. I did not find that it was a toolkit for creating a STEM culture within a school or district. There are no templates or "guides" that would really help if that is what you are looking for. This book has a very short sighted focus on Iowa and does not provide guidance as to how to translate their success to urban districts/schools and/or diverse student populations across the topics discussed.

Lauren  (Washington, DC)
Lauren (Washington, DC)

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