Science Standards Influence Classroom Assessment Practicesby: Kathy J. McWaters and Ronald G. Good

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School districts and individual schools must place a premium on linking classroom instruction, science content standards, and classroom assessment. In this study, the authors examined the influence of national science standards on middle school science teachers’ classroom assessment practices. Middle school science teachers’ classroom assessment practices were influenced by state science content standards and benchmarks and to a lesser degree on the national science content standards and benchmarks.

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The authors wanted to see if middle school teachers were informed of the standards at that time (1998-2000) and if they were, did they use them to design assessment items? What they discovered was that the teachers lacked training in how to develop higher-order thinking questions or application questions and fell back on content/fact related questioning as a form of assessment. There is at least two unsubstantiated claims (which may be because this is a summary of a longer article) but the article does a nice job of explaining terms and how the data was processed. The appendix with the information on assessment analysis used for 2061 was a very useful piece of information for anyone who is interested in doing active research. A review of this article, as many things done by the authors could easily be done by a classroom teacher, could be used to evaluate their own assessment practices. It might also be useful for pre-service teachers or an in-service on assessment.

Tina Harris  (Fairmount, IN)
Tina Harris (Fairmount, IN)

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