Safety Guidelines by: LaMoine L. Motz , James T. Biehle, and Sandra S. West

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In order for students to inquire confidently, we must create safe classroom environments. Safety is not just a set of rules but a state of mind, and perhaps, most importantly, it is an attitude and a set of skills that carry over into a students’ daily life. But research also shows that the space in which students inquire is vital to their safety and security. This chapter summarizes some of the important factors that contribute to safe laboratory environments.

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  • on Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:17 AM

This is a must read - especially for all secondary science teachers. It is a Must Read for anyone whose building is being rennovated (I have been in that situation twice now in two different buildings). Why? Because it reviews 1) safe number of students in a class 2) safe class/lab room designs and features 3) safe storage requirements and 4) legal issues your school and YOU may have to deal with if you do not keep these factors in mind. It also gives teachers who are not in rennovated buildings information they can use with administrators and school boards to increase the safety of their situations.

Tina Harris  (Bloomington, IN)
Tina Harris (Bloomington, IN)

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