Essay: Creating a Foundation Through Student Conversationby: Ann S. Rosebery, Chèche Konnen Center, TERC and Cynthia Ballenger, King Open School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Chèche Konnen Center
edited by: NSTA Press

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This essay discusses a pedagogical practice called Science talks. Science talks allow students to use their diverse language practices and life experience to understand scientific phenomena and allow teachers to see new connections between students’ ideas and those of science. Science talks are a time when all students can think together about scientific ideas and practices and when all teachers can listen carefully to their students’ comments and conversations with one another. This free selection includes the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Index.

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  • on Thu May 05, 2011 10:19 AM

The essays in this book were written by researchers interested in improving science education of English language learners. This first essay from the section on Teaching Through Students' Strengths discusses ways to engage ELL students in science talk and what teachers found out about their students by discussing science ideas. By 2030 about 40% of our students will be coming from households were English is not the first language. This is an important book !

Arlene Jurewicz Leighton
Arlene Jurewicz Leighton

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