Diameter of the Sunby: Michael Horton

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Although this lab is not an inquiry activity, it is another exercise to help students think about light rays and ray diagrams. The students think that the point of the lab is to calculate the diameter of the Sun. Really, the point is to get used to thinking about light as rays to better understand light passing through a lens or bouncing off a mirror. Students will start to think about erect and inverted images as a result as well.

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  • on Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:45 PM

I would do this in conjunction with the math department. Could be done with the geometry unit in 8th grade. The concept uses similar triangles to get a measurement of the sun. I think pinhole activities are great for students to engage in and helps them get an idea of the light rays and why images are flipped.

Susan German  (Hallsville, MO)
Susan German (Hallsville, MO)

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