Daylight Saving Time

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It is not difficult to understand that students may have a misconception that the clocks we use are directly related to Sun time and that changing the clocks will alter the Sun-Earth time relationship. This chapter and story deal with this misconception and also provides an opportunity for children to debate the various questions surrounding the changing of clock time to save energy, help farmers, prevent traffic accidents, and prevent crime.

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  • on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:22 PM

The story the chapter is based on is a simple conversation between cousins regarding the changing of the clocks and its relation to the actual time the Sun shines on Earth. A complete review of the history of timekeeping is covered in only a few, well-organized, and well-written paragraphs. Some common misconceptions—by adults and kids—are explained, also. The explanation of the nature of timekeeping should help a teacher discuss the short story with children of many different ages, on their own level.


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